"Now, for the rest of my life, I know that I gave my sister a first class funeral, one that will be remembered by all... You guided me in such a loving, caring way that I will always remember your sincerity, your professionalism, your kindness, your sensitivity, your creative mind..."--Cindy Smith, Brooklyn

"...the memory of that farewell ceremony in that lovely Green-Wood chapel will stay with me forever. I felt surrounded by such peace and lightness...no regrets, no grieving (that came later). Thank you for making this experience possible and guiding me and the family with such a gentle, caring spirit."--L.G. and family, Manhattan

"You were such a calm presence in the storm; I'll never forget your warmth and kindness."--Jo Allen, Arlington Virginia

"I've never written a check with so much confidence that it was money well spent. I'm so glad + grateful that we met." --Diane R.

"Even though you never knew [my husband], there is an affinity that he would truly appreciate." --M.M., Brooklyn

"Thank you for making this painful event one that honors my husband as well as the earth from which he came." E.S.

"Amy Cunningham IS green burial in New York."--Don Byrne, Piedmont Pine Caskets



* Creating the New Buddhist Funeral, a conversation with Julia Hirsch of Tricycle: The Buddhist Review, June 2017.

* Plantable Urns and Burial Fashions: This Movement Seeks to Radically Change How We Look at Death by Neta Alexander, Haaretz, June 2017.


"The Rise of Back-to-Basics Funerals," March 12, 2014, New York Times. Photo of funeral director Amy Cunningham by Karsten Moran.

Amy shows paper turtle urn for sea burial and other eco-friendly funeral products at the 2014 Clearwater Festival. Photo by Steven Waldman.

Greensprings Natural Burial Preserve, Newfield, New York.

Greensprings Natural Burial Preserve, Newfield, New York.