Shrouds for Burial or Cremation

The rule of simplicity, which works so well in life, works beautifully at the end of life also. Which brings us to the shroud–a loving and respectful artifact that is returning to modern funeral ritual, and something we at Fitting Tribute might suggest you consider.

Shrouds are versatile—they can be adapted to different types of funerals. For cremation or burial in conventional wooden or cardboard casket, the deceased may be shrouded at the place of death by the family or the funeral director, and the shroud then replaces whatever garments you might have placed on your loved one to dress them. For green burials in conservation grounds upstate, the deceased's body can be shrouded, then lowered into the grave on a simple secure board (without any casket at all).

A Vale shroud by designer Kate Hoover (like the one you see on this page) can be adapted to reflect the personality of your service. It's a blank canvas: a clean design that allows for as much or as little to be added as you like. For instance, flowers, mementos, and notes can be tucked into the shroud and its ties. The canvas can also be painted or embroidered by you and your loved ones.

Our shrouds are made with biodegradable materials: unbleached, sturdy canvas for the outside, soft fleece covered by muslin on the inside bottom, and simple cotton tapes that tie into maple wood rings finished with beeswax and olive oil. The edges are finished and all seams and ties are double-stitched. All of the shroud's materials meet the standards of green cemeteries.

A favorite fabric or quilt can be substituted for the top layer of the shroud—please contact us to find out more about this option.

Shrouds can be ordered in advance and stored in your home. The design is timeless, and the shroud will stay intact if wrapped in acid-free tissue paper and a ventilated container.